Storm Damage


After a storm, it is common for out-of-town contractors to flood the area to try and solicit work.  These companies are called “storm chasers”.  99% of these types are law breakers.  Although it sounds like a good deal, don’t get burned.  Stay local and make sure your contractor is around after the storm!  To be certain you aren’t getting scammed, be sure to ask your contractor for the following:

  • Written estimate stating exactly what work will be performed (If not, the contract is non-binding)
  • Firm contract price (It is illegal to not include a firm price – beware of “per insurance proceeds”)
  • Written warranties (Reputable contractors always provide written warranties)
  • Job locations to see their crews working (Check for out-of-state license plates on the trucks.)
  • Chicago area roofers that understand roofing and getting through the harsh winters
  • Tour of their local facility and operations (How long have they been at that location?)
  • A local, reputable contractor will NOT show up to your house unannounced

For your Protection:

  • It is Illinois State Law that all roofers must have a license # on all documents, including contracts
  • It is illegal to waive, promise to pay or rebate any part of your deductible – This is insurance FRAUD!
  • Check with your local municipality to confirm the contractor has done work in your town (Make sure contractor hasn’t just recently started working in that town)
  • It is law that all commercial trucks must have the company name and roofing license # on them.
  • The contractor should always pull all permits (The homeowner may be heavily fined for providing a permit for an unlicensed contractor)
  • Never give any money down until work is completed and satisfactory (A reputable contractor won’t ask for money upfront)
  • It is unlawful for a contractor to file a claim on behalf of the homeowner.

If you have already signed a document, most likely not binding, & are concerned WE CAN HELP:

  • Since your insurance will cover the cost of damage, this is the time to do it right!!! (Don’t help the “storm chasers” break the law)
  • Call today to speak with a Peterson Professional and experience the Peterson Difference yourself.
We are still repairing roofs in the Des Plaines, Park Ridge and Niles area that “storm chasers” installed following the 2010 hail storm!!!