Preventive Roof Maintenance Summary

Don’t Live a Roofing Nightmare. A roof accounts for only 10% of the total cost of constructing a building, but 90% of is problems down the road.

As the building owner, it is necessary for you to provide maintenance for your roofing system and related building components. This program will explain the benefits of roof maintenance, provide a helpful maintenance program, and caution you about the effects of not performing routine maintenance.

Even smart business owners and facility managers make costly mistakes when it comes to roof maintenance – or the lack of it. The goal of this section is to prove to you that maintenance does pay.

Why Do Roof Maintenance?

  • Routine Maintenance will extend the life of your investment and lower the life cycle cost of your roof.
  • Failure to maintain the roof may result in early deterioration of the roofing system.
  • Repairs for deterioration from lack of proper maintenance are very costly and puts interior valuables at risk.
  • Untreated deterioration can result in guarantee cancellation.

Below is a list of procedures to help you maintain your roof.

Maintain Records

Keep a file of all records relating to this roof including…

  • Guarantee
  • Inspection Reports
  • Repairs and Maintenance Bills
  • Original specifications and invoices

Conduct Routine Inspection

– At least twice per year, typically in the Spring and Fall.
– An inspection maintenance checklist is provided

Inspect After Severe Weather

Always inspect the roof for damage after severe weather such as hailstorms, heavy rains, high winds, etc.

Repair Correctly

– All roofing repairs must be performed by Peterson Roofing, including repairs for non-guaranteed conditions.
– Make repairs following current repair guidelines for the type and quality of roof installed.
– Address non-roof related leak areas.

Keep Roof Clean/Debris Free

– Always remove debris from roof… such as:

  • Leaves, branches, dirt, rocks, bottles, etc.
  • Debris and trash from other trades, etc.

– Keep gutters, downspouts, drains, scuppers, and the surrounding roof areas clean to ensure proper drainage.
– Install Gutter Filter (to eliminate water back-ups)

Keep Metal In Good Condition

– Examine all metal flashings, counter flashings, expansion joints, and pitch pockets for…

  • Cracks and bad mortar joints.
  • Deteriorated sealant

– With proper water drainage your roof metal / trim will stay free of rust and deterioration much longer.

Important: Repair all leaks promptly to avoid adverse effects, including mold growth. (Refer to: The Hidden Costs of a Roof Leak)