The Hidden Costs of a Roof Leak

Roofing systems are assets, and have a finite life expectancy. Life spans have ranged widely from as little as five years to documented cases of 50 years or more. However, most membrane roofing systems will be replaced or can expect significant renovation in less than 20 years.

Few people would purchase a new car and not change the oil to protect their major investment. Unfortunately, once an investment is made in a roof system, the roof is out of sight and is unlikely to get much thought until there is a problem. By then, damage may be extensive.

Interior roof leaking can also result in other expenses and legal exposures to your company that can be at least as costly (if not more) than the cost of roof repairs and maintenance.

This only cheats you out of realizing the full potential service life of any of your roofing systems within your overall portfolio.

To help provide a list of costs and expenses to track, your company CFO can provide you with:

  • Costs of damage to building interiors (furnishings & fixtures)
  • Costs of damage to merchandise and inventory
  • Costs of damage to equipment (computers, electrical, HVAC, etc.)
  • Costs from lost use of space
  • Costs and exposure to issues of air quality and work environment (Mold & Mildew)
  • Costs of legal claims (“slip & fall” accidents)
  • Costs of water damage clean-up
  • Costs of energy loss through wet and damp roof insulation in both the heating & cooling seasons
  • Costs of business interruption
  • Costs associated with higher insurance premiums due to more frequent claims arising from water damage
  • Costs of premature roof replacement

With bottom-line profitability so important, corporate executives who are looking long-term can squeeze more money out of the roofs over their heads. Facility managers can look like heroes instead of profit-spenders. Roof maintenance pays.

We are firmly convinced that if more facility managers would track and report these collateral damage expenses, they would have less resistance to getting the resources they need to establish a model roof maintenance and management program.